Exercise Tips – It’s Never Too Late!

Exercise Tips – It really is NEVER too late to start!

Exercise is the best medicine, no matter how old you are or what condition you are facing.

If exercising is a challenge due to stiff joints or other ongoing conditions, consider low-impact activities that make the muscles that support your joints stronger. The key to making exercise safe and effective is to be creative, and ask for help to get started.

Swimming lets you actively work your muscles without putting too much stress on the joints. Plus, warm water can help your circulation. And if you take part in a class, there’s the added benefit of peer support.

Balance activities, such as yoga or tai chi, are also effective. Tai chi combines poses and movements that help strengthen your core muscles, which can lower your risk of falling.

Other low-impact activities include:

  • chair aerobics
  • exercising with elastic exercise bands and small weights
  • seated strength training

Don’t worry if it’s been awhile since you exercised. You can first, call your doctor, and then get started on these low impact activities right away and glean all the benefits for your health and your future. It’s really NEVER too late to start!

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