At 200 N. Palm Drive we are located in the center of town within blocks of the civic, banking and shopping centers. The elementary, middle and high schools are within walking distance from our property. There are few apartments located as conveniently to all services in Blythe. Come visit us, we look forward to showing you your new home.
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Blythe is a big agricultural region. A significant part of living in the city of Blythe is the surrounding areas of vast open space. Enough desert to really get lost in. Rich soils, jagged peaks, river ways, and wide open spaces make this a haven for many.

Blythe features nearly 100 miles of navigable waterways on the Colorado River – between the Palo Verde Diversion Dam above Blythe & Imperial Dam below Yuma – Blythe California is an ideal location for outdoor recreation. Summers can get hot, but the rest of the year is prime weather.

Nearby recreation opportunities for the adventurous as well as family outings include:
The Colorado River
Bike Trails
RV Parks for friends and family
Wildlife Preserves
Rock Collecting
Blythe Municipal Golf Course
Watercraft Rentals
Rally Car Racing

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