Twice Upon A Time

The Wedding Dress

Twice Upon A Time

“Twice Upon A Time” is hosting a runway show on March 26th at the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church parish hall at 4pm. The show will showcase dresses that are available through “Twice Upon A Time” to borrow for that “special” occasion.

“Twice Upon A Time” is a non-profit that offers a way for young ladies to borrow dresses that were donated to use for special occasions such as the prom, weddings and quinceneras.

This is the brainchild of Angela Story-Griffin, a local and former Miss Blythe. She started “Twice Upon A Time” after hearing and witnessing young women miss out on going to the prom because they couldn’t find a dress, or a bride disappointed she couldn’t afford that special dress for her wedding day.

In order to use one of the dresses, the girls must be 18 or older or have a legal guardian to sign a contract that states they are responsible for the dress while it is in their possession. There is no criteria on who the dresses are loaned to.

The Wedding shoes

For more information, please call (760) 544-7193.

If you know anyone at Palm Drive Apts. that might be interested, please pass this along. With the prom coming up and summer weddings, this is a great alternative to buying!

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