Spechtenhauser Tree Service volunteers…

The One and Only Spechtenhauser Tree Service

We Are Here to Serve

Spechtenhauser Tree Service volunteers to trim Hobsonway trees for the city…you have probably seen them around town or even at Palm Drive Apartments! They are a reputable business, one built on character and a true ‘man of his word’.

Jerry’s business was started back in 1978 with a converted melon truck, a few chainsaws and one very determined man, dead set on making a living in Blythe!

At first, Spechtenhauser’s Tree Service consisted of Jerry cutting the trees and Phyllis, his wife, as the sole ground person. They were able to squeeze out an adeqaute living out of Blythe back then and over the years Jerry’s son and grandson have worked with him to help make the business what it is today.

Here, at Palm Drive Apartments, we are proud to showcase the work of Spechtenhauser Tree Service…they’ve helped to make our community safe, green and beautiful.

Thank you Jerry, for work well done and appreciated!



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