Improving Your Brain Function

The Playful Brain Have you ever wondered how you could improve your brain function?

Richard Restak, M.D. has written 19 books on the brain and indicates puzzles could improve brain function. He’s become convinced that puzzles can help enhance specific brain functions, and studies suggest actually ward off mental deterioration.

So, he decided to write a brain puzzle book. But he is not a puzzle maker, so enter Kim Scott, an expert who has created hundreds of puzzles for magazines and is a computer game designer at a brain-game company. Together these two men co-authored “The Playful Brain: The Surprising Science of How Puzzles Improve Your Mind.”

The Playful Brain (Improving Your Brain Function) is on the Palo Verde Valley Library’s new non-fiction shelves under 612.8 RESTA.) We here at Palm Drive Apartments are all about your health and quality of living, both physical and mental. This just might be worth looking into!

You can always reach us for more information at: Palm Drive Apts, Blythe, CA      (760) 921-8888

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