Do You Hunt Pheasant?

If you, or someone you know, hunts pheasant, here is some important information you will want to know about!

Mary Bradley, manager of Yellow Mart in Blythe, who’s been in charge of gathering information about the pheasant hunts each year, reports that anyone interested in taking part in the hunts this year, should obtain a license. Hop on your computer and enter this website url – OR contact Mary at 760-922-4215.

There will be several different hunts this year, in November and December. Many families look forward to hunting pheasant during the holidays, to grace their holiday menu. At Palm Drive Apartments, we know this is a bit early, but we really wanted to get the word out as you plan and prepare to hunt pheasant…don’t forget to get your license!

You can always reach us for more information at: Palm Drive Apts, Blythe, CA      (760) 921-8888

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