Cactus – For A Good Cause

Cactus StartersDo you have some cactus starts? Or extra flower pots? Or maybe even an extra bush, tree or plant? It’s all for a good cause!

The Quartzsite Hi Jolly Cemetery Board is planning to hold a huge plant sale to help raise money for work in the Hi Jolly Cemetery.

The event will take place on October 1, 2011 at the Quartzsite Bakery on E. Main St., across from the General Store.

Donations of plants or pots are now being taken at the bakery – it is not open but you can leave your plants under the tree at the right side of the bakery. They will be kept, watered and babied in the heat and will be ready for the sale on October 1st.

If you have starts of cacti, they will gladly take those too, and will put them in pots for the sale.

Yes, it’s ALL for a good cause so get your cactus, plants, trees or bushes (or even empty pots) on over to the bakery!

You can always reach us for more information at: Palm Drive Apts, Blythe, CA      (760) 921-8888

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