Vision Problems in Blythe?

Reading Glasses for correcting vision problems in BlytheVision Problems in Blythe?

There are many, right here in Blythe, who have low vision or some type of vision problem(s). Could that be you? Are your eyes feeling tired? Do you find yourself squinting even when you are not outside? Do you get eye headaches? If these problems and/or others sound familiar, there is a conference coming up that may be of importance to you.

It is a Free Eye Disease Conference, held at the Braille Institute in San Diego, on Wednesday, April 27th.

Blythe’s own Opthamologist Dr. Leha Levi and Dr. Kang Zhang will be speaking on new methods to correct and heal eye diseases. Both doctors are known to many, here in Blythe.

For more information please call (858) 452-1111.

We at Palm Drive Apartments, care about the well being of all our neighbors here in Blythe! You can always reach us for any further information at (760) 921-8888

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