Palm Drive Apartments in Blythe, CA Offering Great Move-In Specials!

Move In Specials on All Apartments Ready for Lease and Rent in Blythe

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Move-In Specials at Palm Drive Apartments in Blythe, CA!

Right now at Palm Drive Apartments, we have some amazing Move-In Specials! If you are looking for a place to start a business, or just ready to move yourself or your family to a new community, we hope you consider Blythe, CA.

We’re on the California/Arizona border, about 90 miles north of Mexico. Blythe is in the NAFTA Trade Zone. The Colorado River flows through our valley, and over 9,000,000 vehicles each year go through Blythe using six of our I-10 off ramps. Because of our valley’s unique location, midway between Los Angeles and Phoenix, nearly all of those vehicles stop right here in Blythe, CA.

You could be living in the beautiful pollution free California Desert, boating or fishing every weekend on the scenic Colorado River, and doing business with friendly customers in a profitable market.

If you need more information relating to the Blythe, CA or have any other questions, especially about Palm Drive Apartments, please give us a call today!
(760) 921-8888.

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