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Discover Your Family Tree by Starting Right Here in Blythe!

My Family Tree

Please Join Us! Free and Guests Welcome!

While there was a time when tracing your family history was cumbersome, the digital age has made the task a cakewalk. Tracing your family history can thus be a lot of fun, say researchers. The Palo Alto Genealogy Society, right here in Blythe, is hosting one such event. They will help you learn how to discover the roots of  YOUR own family tree. And guess what? Attendance is FREE and guests are ALWAYS welcome!

The Start Date is Monday, April 11th, at 7pm, right here in Blythe at our own
Palo Verde College Spring St. Campus, 145 N. Spring St.

If you live in Blythe and/or reside at Palm Drive Apartments, we encourage you to check it out and have some fun discovering YOUR own family tree.

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