Blythe’s Desert Flowers ~ In Full Bloom

Yes, Blythe’s Desert Flowers Are In Full Bloom!Beautiful IronWood Tree in Blossom

This is the perfect time of the year to take a walk along the paths and trails in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens, since many of the plants in the garden’s are in full bloom, right here in Blythe!

The Ironwood trees can be seen all over the place with their beautiful purple flowers, and the Palo Verde trees have their bright yellow blossoms. The Saguaros are now blooming and many of the cacti still have blossoms on them in some of the most unique colors you can imagine!Blooming Saguaros

Here at Palm Drive Apartments, we know you and your family will NOT be disappointed at Celia’s beautiful garden paths, right here in Blythe!

You can always reach us for any further information at: Palm Drive Apts, Blythe, CA  (760) 921-8888

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