EarthDay at Starbucks in Blythe! Raise A Toast!

Starbucks in BlytheRaise a toast to the Earth on April 22nd, at Starbucks right here in Blythe.
Bring in your mug, and enjoy a free brewed coffee or tea.

Yes, Starbucks in Blythe – and since Starbucks first opened it’s doors over 40 years ago, they’ve been on a mission to reduce the environmental impact. So, on Friday, April 22nd they are offering a couple of special incentives for helping them out on that mission!

  • Get a free brewed coffee or tea when you bring in your reusable travel mug
  • Buy a new travel mug for 20% off

That’s right, just swing in with your travel mug at the Starbucks in Blythe inside of Albertson’s, and they’ll fill it with their premium brewed coffee or tea for FREE!

EarthDay Starbucks
Hobsonway & Lovekin, Blythe, CA

See you there on April 22nd!

If you have any questions about living and or moving to Blythe, please don’t hesitate to call. You can always reach us for any further information at (760) 921-8888

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